ATM & Equipment Modification


I like to make sawdust, as much or more than I enjoy Astronomy.  Naturally that leads to making items to use for Astronomy.  None of these items were made from commercial plans, nor are they direct copies of existing items.  I do readily admit to seeing and photographing similar items at star parties, and I have tried to incorporate the best ideas from several like items into my designs. 

I have written step by step instructions for some of these.  You will find a link to a PDF on the items main page.  Feel free to build them, modify the plans, etc., just please don't sell mass quantities of the plans or finished items for a profit.

Observing Chair

Equatorial Mount Adapter

Alt-Az Mount

Baeder Solar Film Cell

Camera Mount

Iridium Aimer

PST Sunshade

Light Shiled

Computer Light Shield


NGT-18 Buggy 

Equipment Mods

Unfortunately, some items are manufactured that need some help.  Many are made to a price point and if you want better equipment you either spend more for a higher quality item, or modify a cheaper item to improve it. 

ST-80 mod
Orion ST-80
Meade Superwedge

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