Eyepiece Case

We used to haul around 8-12 assorted cases, totes, etc., plus scopes, tripods and associated equipment.  I have a full size pickup, with an extra tall shell.  It was over-packed with just the LX-200 10" and NGT-18.  Not to mention having to store all of the cases.  Eyepieces were distributed among 4 cases, several items were being carried back and forth that we never use.

A few adult beverages and some serious head scratching reduced 8 cases down to 3.  Much easier to load, much easier to store.  If we don't use it, it isn't going along anymore.  Specialty items, like a couple of Plossls with camera adapters on them were moved to the appropriate camera bag.  I kept some lower weight 1.25" eyepieces in this case to use with the ST-80, ETX-90 and PST.  I also kept two 1.25" diagonals because I frequently have two or more scopes setup at the same time.  Caps were labeled so I can easily find what I want. 

Case is a Pelican 1550, usable internal dimensions are 17 x 12.5 x 6.

Can't wait for the star parties this summer, I have some swap meet goodies to unload now!

Eyepice Case

#1 - Televue 31 mm Nagler Type 5 (2")
#2 - Meade prism diagonal (1.25")
        with 2" adapter
#3 - Orion premium mirror diagonal (1.25")
#4 - Mead mirror diagonal (2")
        Meade SCT visual back also in this slot (1.25")
#5 - JMI NGF-S focuser with digital readout (2")
#6 - Televue 4X Powermate (2")
#7 - Televue 2X Barlow (1.25")
#8 - Televue 3mm Radian (1.25")
#9 - Televue 6mm Radian (1.25")
#10 - Televue 9mm Nagler Type 1 (1.25 / 2")
#11 - University Optics 6mm Ortho (1.25")
#12 - Extension tube (2") 
          needed for a couple eyepieces on the NGT 18

#13 - Pentax 14mm XL SMC (1.25")
#14 - Televue 19mm Panoptic (1.25")
#15 - University Optics 25mm Konig MK70 (2")
#16 - University Optics 40mm Konig MK70 (2")
#17 - Kendrick Laser Collimator (2")
#18 - Celestron 25mm E-Lux Plossl  (1.25")
          with parfocal ring for the webcam

#19 - Meade 26mm Super Plossl (1.25")
#20 - Celestron 32mm Nexstar Plossl (1.25")
#21 - Vixen 9mm Lanthanum (1.25")
#22 - Orion StarShoot Solar System Color Imager II
#23/24 - Assorted filters / odds-n-ends

Original manufacture replacement foam for Pelican and Doskocil is available from many sources.  Mine came from B&H Photo as they were the cheapest.

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