It is painfully obvious that I am an toy junkie.  The wife keeps telling me that I can't bring home any more guns, tools, electronic goodies, or astro stuff.  Somehow it keeps showing up in the house though...  I keep telling her that most of these items are self-replicating, I don't think she's buying it anymore.  Someday someone will come up with a 12-step program for people like me, but until then I am going to continue collecting and enjoying my toys.  When we head out to a star party, we fill (actually more like stuff) a full size pickup, with an 8' bed and extra tall shell.  More stuff (lots of it) goes in the camp trailer. And we usually use all of it once we are set up!

A space & weight reduction program has been instituted here.  The first step was to consolidate and/or eliminate some of the "stuff" we haul around.  Eight cases have been consolidated down to three.  Eyepieces that were scattered amongst four cases are now all in one eyepiece case.

Since Dad has a SkyScout and I've picked up a mySky, I've started a mySky vs SkyScout page.   2012 - neither is being used anymore, the free & low cost I-Pad & Android apps work better than either of these devices.

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