Finishing Touches

Follow along as I complete the little things that need to be done, both for operational needs and convenience.

I wanna see some stars now...
Notice the loop of cables, have to leave a lot of slack for them to wrap around the mount as it slews.  A wrap of Velcro holds the various power supplies and such to the pier.
A shot of the wire bundle.  Lots of cable ties.
Another shot of the wires.  It hit 70 today so the wires were nice and flexible.  Even though I have the mother of all colds right now, I had to run out for a while this afternoon and bundle them up while they were manageable.
mount adapter
The adapter plate I had welded up locally, with Astro Physics' Flat Surface Adapter holding their Precision Rotating Pier Adapter that I use on the portable pier.  The pier is about as stable as you could ask.  A good whack does cause vibration, but it stops in about 1 second.
bay 1
Bay 1 - Handy place to stash the assorted empty cases.  I installed red and white rope lights around the interior of the dome.  They are controlled by separate dimmers.
bay 2
Bay 2 - Two stacking chairs from IKEA.  I opted for chairs with flat bases to prevent them from digging into the soft rubber flooring.  The were $18 each and are really very comfy.  I find the blanket works better than wearing my  insulated coveralls in the dome since there is limited room to move around and the coveralls bind me up too much.
bay 3
Bay 3 - Primary operating position.  I used Velcro to attach my USB hub and USB/Serial converter to the wall under the shelf.  A good radio and XM receiver provide the audio entertainment.  Using the pull out shelf allows me to move around to keep the cameras out of my ear and still be able to easily use the computer. 
bay 4
Bay 4 - The eyepiece case is too big to open when on the shelf, I just leave it on the floor and the shelf holds my beverage and snacks for the night.
bay 5
Bay 5 - Power supplies for the mount and focuser. I chose to use the smaller supply for the focuser and any other 12v accessories that end up on the scope to eliminate a cluster of warts.  I can now switch the cameras on and off with the power strip on the pier without affecting any other items.  The larger supply is 15v 10 amp that Astro Physics recommends for cold weather operation.  12 gauge wire is used on both supplies to bring the power to the pier.

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