CCD Frost

It is so dry along the Colorado Front Range, that I forget about drying out the desiccant plug in the ST-8E.  After a couple years, frost starts to appear in my images and is very annoying.  I vow to dry it out when I get home and then promptly forget when I get home.  Next time I take the camera out I remember that I haven't dried it yet.

Frost starts slow and small.  As soon as it appears, remove the desiccant plug, install the dummy plug (if you can find it, otherwise some tape works) to keep the camera as dry as possible.  Bake the desiccant plug for 4 hours at 400 degrees.  When cool, put it back in the camera and allow about 4 hours for it to remove the moisture in the camera.  Put the dummy plug where you can find it again in a couple years. 

Leave moisture in the camera long enough and molds can grow on your chip, possibly ruining it.  At the very least it is difficult to completely remove.

A little frost starting to appear in the bottom left. 

The frost is growing the next time I take the camera out.

Now the frost covers most of the chip and creates a "frost bubble" .
While this can usually be processed out, it is really time to dry the camera!

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