New Stuff

Sep 2015

12 - IC 5070 Pelican Nebula

Mar 2015

21 - NGC 2403

Feb 2015

13 - Yet another shot of M-42.  Had some major issues last time out so I hit an easy target to get the kinks out.

Jan 2015

22 - Comet Lovejoy (C/2014 Q2).  Lots of light pollution, first chance I've had to image it.

Dec 2014

Videos are being converted to .mp4, should play in almost any HTML5 compatible browser without adding a plugin. 

13 - Christmas with the Greeley Grizwolds

Oct 2014

23 - Solar eclipse video

Jun 2014

Wow!  Has it been a year.  Hopefully I can get under the stars again.  Work, weather, and general crudiness has conspired against me.

21 - Rails and Ales

Jun 2013

7 - Verde Canyon Railroad

Mar 2013

31 - A shot of the Sun and a large Sunspot.

Jan 2013

3 - Horsehead Nebula

3 - Two new shots of the Sun through the Herschel Wedge  Sun 1  Sun 2  The wedge shows a lot more detail than any front mount solar filter I've used.  I should have imaging through it mastered soon.

Dec 2012

28 - A new scope is in the stable - ES AR-102 and a start on a Hershel Wedge page.  First light with the combination - Sun 20121228

15 - A fair image of M45 Pleiades

12 - First image from the observatory, also its the first image with the new SBIG STF-8300C.  Me thinks this is gonna be fun!   M-42 Orion Nebula

Nov 2012

21 - Added a page of finishing touches for the observatory

18 - First light for the observatory, and a neat sunrise pic of Venus out my back door

15 - Basic observatory construction is DONE!

Sep 2012

2 - I hate moths and the mess they make out of a telescope

27 - Just returned from the HOA Architectural Committee meeting.  The observatory is a go.  Now the fun begins...

May 2012

25 - Animated GIF of this week's solar eclipse

February 2012

23 - Reprocessed image of M-2 from 2008.

January 2012

29 - Reprocessed image of M-13 from 2008.  I recently obtained Toney Hallas' EZ CCD lecture series on Photoshop processing.  Wow, just a couple lectures into it and what a change.

27 - A new buggy to haul the NGT-18 around the yard.

2 - A new year, a slightly different look.  I removed the general photography pages since I wasn't doing anything with them.  Emphasis is now on astronomy and trains, what a mix.  New astropics should start appearing with regularity as I am getting started on building a permanent observatory.  Yeah!

September 2011

2 - Added pics from Durango's Railfest 2011 - Casey JonesD&RGW #315, Eureka & Palisade #4Galloping Goose #5

PS - I really HATE Microsoft.  NET Framework 4, which is installed on your computer if you allow automatic updates, now reports the use of the "&" symbol in a path as a fatal error.  How many railroads have "&" in their name?!?!?!?!?!?!  Requires me to do a major rework to have my RR pages working again!!!!!  Their excuse is that in NET 4 the "&" is used for user form input.  Quit that!!!!

August 2011

3 - Added astro pics from Weekend Under the Stars  M51, Tadpole Galaxy, M16 & Eagle.  Pictures and report on Weekend Under the Stars

July 2011

6 - Report on RMSS '11,  a new pic of NGC 6888

June 2011

15 - A neat moon pic

8 - Finally got to spend some quality time with my new mount.  A quick run on M57 went flawlessly.  More to come on the new mount.

Apr 2011

Plans are to evolve this site to a purely astro photo site over the next several months.  May keep the train sections too, may apply for a seperate domain name for those, who knows.

Jan 2011

19 - Added a dozen pics to the Rio Grande Scenic album from their first Winter Festival

Dec 2010

22 - Lunar Eclipse pic

Oct 2010

2  - Added page for Union Pacific #3985

Sep 2010

19 - Added a few new pics to Royal Gorge Route

9 - Added Charlie Russell Chew Choo, a central Montana dinner train

June 2010

20 - New Moon pic

4 - Expanded and moved the PST into its own page

May 2010

28 - Expanded and moved the ETX info into its own page

6 - Added pics of Galloping Goose #4

March 2010

4 - New Sun pic

February 2010

23 - Move NGT-18 to its own page and expanded the info

January 2010

7 - Reprocessed M51 from RMSS09, removed a lot of color noise

December 2009

28 - Ski Train is not going to run this year.  Details

Sept 2009

19 - Added some new pics from last week at the Rio Grande Scenic, the Cumbres & Toltec, and Denver & Rio Grande's #315

18 - The Ski Train is back.  Details to follow, but is supposed to be running this fall.

July 2009

11 - Added a few pics to the Colorado Railroad Museum from the 50th anniversay.

Jun 2009

23 - Rocky Mountain Star Stare 09,   M-51 Markarian's Chain

5 -  A new scope has appeared in the arsenal - Meade Lightbridge

4 - Added a few train videos

May 2009

13 - Having finally found out a little bit on the Casey Jones of the old Silverton Northern, I moved it out of the Galloping Goose area and into it's own page

9 - A Goosefest at the Colorado Railroad Museum had 5 geese running at once

Internet Explorer 8 causes issues with the slideshows I have.  Click on the left side of the image to move back in the sequence, click on the right side to move forward.  A move back in the sequence pauses the slideshow.  Best guess on where the 'Pause' and 'Play' icons are, somewhere to the bottom right.  Clicking on 'Tools / Compatibility View' in IE will cause things to operate properly.

April 2009

22 - Ski Train has ceased operation and has been sold out of the country

12 - As I've mentioned before, Front Page is history and Microsoft has stopped supporting the Extensions.  They survive on as Web-Bots, but they are getting flaky.  I originally did several galleries in Front Page and in the last couple of months they have ceased working.  This has forced me to redo the Star Party galleries in JAlbum.  The pics are kind of rough since when I originally posted them I was limited to 20mb on my sever.  When I have time I will find the originals and repost them at a higher resolution.

9 - Caboose gallery

8 - Manitou & Pikes Peak Cog Railway and a page on CS4 versus Helicon Focus for extended depth of field

6 - All photos, except astro photos, have been compressed.  Performance for DSL & dial-up users should be much better.

February 2009

27 - Moon Venus

January 2009

20 - Got frustrated trying to image tonight, so reprocessed M33 from last October and made a major improvement to it.

11 - added pic of Moon/Venus/Jupiter from 1 Dec.

December 2008

26 - Con-Cor N-scale Galloping Goose

November 2008

29 - updated the Galloping Goose page with pics from today's Goosefest

October 2008

11 - examples of frost on your CCD chip

8 - M45 Pleiade, M33

3 - Additional comments regarding upgraded Celestron Advanced GT mount

September 2008

30 - Meade Superwedge upgrade

21 - NGC 6992 Veil/Cirrus Nebula, M33, M2

August 2008

28 - M17 Swan Nebula

23 - Tiny Town RR

20 - Televe TV-60is

17 - Pelican Nebula from WUTS 08 - also, a new light shield for the computer

16 - Added pictures of UP844 from 20 July Frontier Days train

12 - Started redoing the astro image pages.  Check out the galaxies and clusters from summer 08.

11 - Eyepiece designs

4 - Weekend Under the Stars - M13 - M20 - M31 - NGC869

July 2008

15 - Astro Imaging hints

7 - Rocky Mountain Star Stare - report - M10 - M64 - M104 - Jupiter

June 2008

10 - added pages for the Heber Valley Railroad and the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad

May 2008

13 - started a mySky vs SkyScout page

9 - I rearranged some of the astro equipment - eyepiece case

April 2008

30 - many updates to N-Scale lessons learned - also added recommended car weights and a track inspection car

18 - added M-67

15 - added a sunscreen for PST solar telescope

14 - added a park-scale train, Royal Gorge Scenic, well worth the ride for adults

March 2008

30 - added Colorado Railroad history timeline, added Eskimo Nebula

21 - added a Ski Train page

February 2008

25 - started a Colorado Rail History section.  Some D&RGW pages posted, much more coming

January 2008

16 - added my N-Scale pages back in

10 - added a page of passenger trains throughout North America

December 2007

26 - several photos added to Colorado Railroad Museum

22 - Great Western Railway, Colorado

14 - A listing, with links, of Colorado trains you can ride.  Lensbabies are a selective focus lens, lots of fun to play with.  Fun Pics - more fun stuff

11 -Grand Canyon  & Arches photos added

7 - Finally!  I think it's all converted.   Many, many hours have been spent dissecting and cleaning up code.  The original pages were written in Word then converted to HTML.  Then a few years of Front Page.  Lots of crud to clean out.  Now to go through and add more pictures...  For now I am leaving the format of the Astronomy galleries the same.  I want to keep the image data available so I need to figure out how to modify the JAlbum gallery to display it.

4 - The Trains section is complete. This is how the rest of the site will look when Iím done. If something isnít working, seems strange, or you have a suggestion on a better way, shoot me an e-mail. Other areas are in mid-update and will be done in the next week or so.

November 2007

A new computer, loaded with Vista, has forced a change from Microsoft Front Page to Microsoft Expression Web. While Expression Web can maintain the site in its current state, it is not an easy task. Front Page used a lot of inline formatting, Expression Web is heavily CSS driven (it is impossible to do inline formats, unless you do it directly in the code). Any formatting applied in Design View to a specific area creates a CSS style in the header, but the existing inline format still overrides it. Microsoft has also dropped support for Front Page Extensions, which I used heavily. They can still be accessed as Webbots, but their future is cloudy. So, in addition to manually removing the inline formatting from 400+ pages, I am also redoing all of the photo galleries in Java using JAlbum. I have also created a neat Java scripted menu system and have learned to use both CSS and design templates to control the layout of the site.

So far Front Page is the only application I have that wonít run properly in Vista. I did look at Adobe Dreamweaver at $399, but Expression Web was a $99 upgrade from Front Page. Cheapness wins, sometimes.

October 2007

I have not changed the site in a couple years, other than adding new astro photos now and then. So, a somewhat major rework of the site is done. Everything is converted to a theme so most of the pages now have the same look and feel. The aquarium, woodworking, stained glass and N-scale areas are removed and new sections on Colorado trains and a general photography area are started. Deleted areas may return later as my ISP has just more than tripled my space available.

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