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Gallery note - I've split the gallery between my generic N-scale and Galloping Goose N-scale pics.  As such, if you run the first gallery it will run through all of the pics in both galleries.  If you start with the Galloping Goose gallery, you have to hit play for it to run as a slideshow.  Even though they are built as separate galleries, something in the Java script wants to run all the pics in the folder as a single gallery and I haven't got it debugged yet.  Sorry.

I've been working on this N Scale layout since March '05.   I was working night shift on a rotating basis, needed a quiet hobby so the wife could sleep, and I always had wanted a train layout.  A piece of 4x6 plywood on a stand, with a Bachman train set, got me started.  After almost 3 years, I have about 2/3 of the layout complete.  I work at it in spurts, some night shift rotations I don't do anything with it, other rotations I work at it every night I'm off.  It amazes me how long it takes to build and detail these things.  I kept it small thinking that I would breeze through it, learn what I was doing, and move on to a bigger layout with more operational capability.  I'm still learning and plodding along.

Things I have learned about building a model railroad: Things Learned.

The wife and I are both interested in a garden scale railroad, I think that would go faster and easier being so much bigger to work with.  Hopefully this summer I can get something going with that.

It's difficult to take pictures of models and have them not look like models.  A couple of these I am rather impressed with, the rest look like models.  An article about model railroad photography pointed out that there is usually a little smog/fog/haze in the air and to try adding it to model photos.  A fog machine from a party store makes it simple to add a haze or heavy fog.   Eventually I will get the stock weathered and eliminate that plasticy look too.

Photos will be added as things are completed, I think it's to a point that progress is going to be faster now that the track, roads and rock work are done.  These were the things that slowed me the most.  Need to add a few more buildings, pour a pond and then just the details, like, cars, people and a lot more trees remain.

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Con-Cor N-scale Galloping Goose #5

ConCor- released a limited run of the Rio Grande Southern's Galloping Goose in 2007.  N & HO were the initial offerings, I believe other scales were later released.  I passed up a couple of opportunities to pick up a RGS goose.   I decided I wanted one for Christmas '08.  I searched on-line and called a few shops, no one had any RGS left in inventory.  Con-Cor no longer listed any RGS Motors on their web site.  I could find all kinds of NYC, PRR, D&RGW, and UP, but the RGS built the 1:1 versions, and only for themselves.   I called the Galloping Goose Historical Society in Dolores Colorado, who owns and operates the original RGS #5, and they had two N-scale left in their stock.  One was put on hold, and the wife and my father were told of my desire.  They came through, one was under the tree for Christmas.

The detail of the model is amazing.  It represents Motor #5 of the late '40s - in 45/46 the original Pierce-Arrow limo body was replaced with a Wayne bus body to increase passenger capacity.  She was again modified again in 1950 for excursion service by converting the cargo box to passenger seating and the Galloping Goose was added to the livery at that time.  See my Galloping Goose page for the history and photos of the originals.  It comes with both a simple cow catcher and a snowplow.  As these motors were very prone to over heating, plows were rarely left on in the summer, and the side cowls on the hoods were normally removed or blocked open.

It is dual mode DC/DCC with automatic switching so nothing is required from the operator moving from one mode to another.  DCC parameters are very limited.  I run it on a DC layout and it runs very well.  It is so short and light that trackwork needs to be almost perfect to keep it on the track. 

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